Condo Rehabilitation Law

RCW 64.55 The Condominium Act was enacted by the legislature of the State of Washington and went into effect April 5th of 2005. This legislation was primarily the result of rising insurance premiums and an increase in condominium construction defect claims. The objective of the new law was to encourage quality construction of condominiums and promote early resolution of defect claims arising from shoddy workmanship. The provisions under the law set important parameters regarding the course of construction (RCW 64.55.020-080) and dispute resolution (RCW 64.55.090-160).

There are several different ways this law can impact the course of repairs when pursuing rehabilitative work at your community. PBE’s team has the experience to guide customers through this process so their interests are protected.

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Trade Organizations

Aluminum Extruders Council

Organization representing aluminum extruders, including manufacturers of aluminum windows and their suppliers.

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American Architectural Manufacturers Association

Trade association of manufacturers and suppliers of residential, commercial, and architectural windows, doors, skylights, and other fenestration products. AAMA is involved in developing industry standards, test methods, and performance criteria for certified window and door products and components.

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Architectural Consulting

Need assistance preparing plans, specifications or bid documents required for estimating construction costs?

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Financing & Reserve Studies

Does your community have the funding or reserves necessary to perform exterior repairs?

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Litigation & Insurance Claims

Has your community suffered as a result of faulty workmanship?  Resolving a claim against a developer, product manufacturer, or contractor can be a daunting process, but help is available.

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