Why Waiting Until Spring Could Prove Costly

A successful renovation of your property should start several months before even the first nail is pound.  Understanding these preliminary steps and allocating enough time for the development of a successful plan will help you avoid the bottle neck created by the summertime construction rush when most contractors’ costs are up due to an increase of jobs on their books and more often than not, a shrinking labor pool and increases in material costs.

Information a Property Manager Should Know to Insure Their Windows are Installed Right

The most common way a window installer will cut a corner, is to remove the window nail flange.  This allows for installation without removing any cladding or building weatherization, which is against the manufacture’s recommended installation methods.  A contractor using this method of installation does not remove the building siding or trim, but rather, they cut the old window out with a saw while leaving a portion of the old window buried behind the old cladding.

Tips for Planning Renovations at Your Community

A good consulting firm should not only provide you with the design documents required to get your project on the right path but can also help you with solicitation of bids and other compliance issues governing multi-family remediation work.  Now of course these firms idea of reasonable fees, sound designs and project management philosophy can differ greatly, so take the time to vet possible candidates so you understand all of the fees and costs involved. 


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