Architectural Consulting

    Why should a consultant be involved?

    Well-qualified architects and engineers can provide their clients with a number of different services, including:

    Design Documents (project plans & specifications)

    This documentation is required for a number of reasons, from bidding to permitting, and execution of the project itself.  Having these detailed design documents will translate into a plan of action where results can be measured, and costs kept under control.

    Bid Documents

    A formal request for proposal is often required for the solicitation of bids from qualified contractors.  The more precise the bid documents are the more likely you’ll receive accurate, cost conscientious bids that reflect ‘Apples-to-Apples’ pricing.  These documents will also help determine which activities may need to be revised, or potentially eliminated in order to meet budgetary restraints.

    Contract Documents

    Before any work begins you’ll need to have a contract between the owner(s) group and contractor in place.  A construction consultant who has experience in large scale multi-family renovations can offer advice and guidance through negotiations, especially when neither side’s attorney wants to give into certain term of the proposed agreement.

    Construction Management Services

    Throughout the construction process there will be a need for strong leadership and management.  Hiring an experienced, well-organized contractor who communicates successfully with the rest of the project team is step one.  Step two is to insure your construction manager leads efforts by promptly responding to both contractor and client request for direction, support or other needs.

    Review of Progress & Workmanship

    Most consulting firms will include the review of project submittals (e.g. product literature, shop drawings, material samples, mock-ups, etc.) in their construction management fees; in addition to weekly review of workmanship quality, the construction schedule, and compliance with project plans and specifications.

    Testing, Claim Support & Compliance Inspections

    There can be a lot involved in a multifamily remediation project, especially when permitting; window testing, litigation, insurance claims, or third-party inspections are part of the equation.  Having an experienced consultant working closely with your project team to navigate through challenges that arise during construction can be extremely beneficial.

    There are several reputable architectural firms specializing in multifamily remediation construction located right here in the Pacific Northwest.

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