Windows & Doors

Reliable Installations

Poorly installed windows and doors are probably the most common source of water infiltration.  Not installing proper penetration flashing or failing to integrate the surrounding weather resistive barrier can lead to disastrous results, including framing decay and mold and mildew growth inside wall cavities.  Our experience over the years solving construction defects has taught us that windows and doors will only perform as advertised if installed correctly.

There are several factors that need to be considered when installing new windows or doors.  One of the most important weatherization concepts to understand is that of creating a continuous drainage plane for moisture to escape.  Read more>>>  

Condo Bylaws & Windows Replacements

Does your community bylaws state homeowners are responsible for their own window replacement? 

Under some condominium bylaws the replacement of windows and doors are the responsibility of individual homeowners.  If your bylaws are structured this way, the benefits of creating a uniformed replacement plan are tremendous.

Creating a detailed set of drawings and specifications will help ensure windows are replaced correctly, and almost completely eliminate any chance for leaks to occur.  These documents need to specify window type and window load rating; products to be utilized; as well as the method of installation which can vary depending on a number of factors.


Other Resources:

Efficient Windows Collaborative

Consortium of window and door manufacturers and other organizations supporting the use of energy efficient windows. It's web site features a great deal of useful information covering window energy performance issues.

Energy Star Windows

Managed by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Energy Star Program for Windows, Doors & Skylights is designed to promote sales of energy efficient products. By choosing Energy Star qualifying products, homeowners can cut their heating and cooling costs, help make their homes more comfortable and reduce air pollution without sacrificing versatility or style.

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