Seventy 01 Condos

Pacific Building Envelope was hired by this Homeowners Association after water began leaking into their underground parking garage.  The community's center courtyard was built on top of the garages below and over time moisture began to penetrate the post tension concrete slab.  To correct the problem our team excavated around the perimeter of the courtyard where the building foundation walls intersected with concrete garage below.  Once the concrete patios and garage slab was cleaned and prepped a monolithic wateproofing membrane was applied and integrated drain assemblies were installed.  Along the way we uncovered and repaired dry-rot on the building caused by soil being in close contact with the siding.  To finish the job our team installed crushed rock along the perimeters to create a drainage barrier between the buildings and new landscaping.

Scope of Work

  • Excavation of courtyard perimeter above underground parking garage
  • Concrete coring through post-tensioned concrete parking garage slab
  • Installation of a monolithic waterproofing membrane covering the foundation wall and garage roof-to-building interface
  • Installation of new drain assemblies
  • Landscaping

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