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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is basically included in the current scope of work?  Answer:  General Contractor PBE, Inc. has been hired to renovate the exterior of Spinnaker Reach Condominiums.  This will include new siding, windows, roofing, deck waterproof coatings and guardrails.  This work will entail all unit buildings including walkways.


How long are repairs currently anticipated to last?  Answer: The project is scheduled to commence August 2019 and finish in April 2020.  For a more detailed picture of the construction schedule see the Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule located the project webpage.  Note the construction schedule is subject to change and will be updated during renovations.  Weather, uncovered dry-rot damage, and any changes in the scope of work will impact start and finish dates.  Refer to jobsite postings on entry doors, common mailbox areas, or contact a member of our project team with additional scheduling questions.


How will workers be accessing the building exterior?  Answer:  Pump-Jacks (i.e. vertical poles with horizontal planks in between) and extension ladders will be utilized for accessing the exterior.


Will access to the interior of my residence be needed?  Answer:  Yes, limited interior access will be required for the installation of windows and deck/patio sliding glass doors.  A minimum 48-hour advanced notice will be posted on your entry door letting you know which date(s) and time(s) we will need access to your home.  Leaving a key with your neighbor, PBE's jobsite superintendent, or being present during the date(s) and time(s) indicated on the notice are all acceptable options for providing interior access.


What kind of other interior work will PBE be performing?  Answer:  Upon substantial completion of framing repairs, siding, window and door installations, PBE's team will be returning to your residence to perform interior punch-list tasks and touch-up work along exterior walls created by the construction activites.

Residents will be responsible for removing and protecting any fragile or valuable items of concern during the course of construction (i.e. some minor wall vibration may occur during framing repairs and siding replacement, so please remove valuables from exterior walls).


What can I expect in terms of the window replacement work?  Answer:  All existing windows are scheduled to be removed, properly flashed and reset.  The installation of individual windows and sliding glass doors will happen all on the same working day.  Homes will never be left without windows installed at the end of any given work day, however, the installation process within one unit may require more than one day to perform.  Window interior liners should not be effected.  The new flashing system will result in a small gap between the window and liner in which a finish fillet bead of sealant will be applied.


 What should I know about the installation process for the new waterproof coatings schedule to be installed?  Answer:  A new deck waterproofing system is scheduled to be installed with new sheet metal perimeter flashings and coating with a sand finish.  This system is a multi-layer, multi-step, liquid applied product that takes between 24-48 hours to fully cure between coats.  Drying times are dependent on outside air temperatures and must be applied to surfaces above 40-degrees Fahrenheit.

Usually waterproof coatings are one of the first activities we perform when renovating the exterior of a building.  This is because siding and other building materials must be layered over the top of embedded waterproof perimeter flashings in order to produce a continuous drainage plain.  Typically, the specified liquid applied waterproof coating sets up within a 6-7 hours and will allow for pedestrian traffic in the event emergency egress if required, however, residents may at times have limited access to their unit decks or entries while waterproof coatings are being applied, and existing guardrails have been temporarily removed for installation of coatings and siding materials.  Future notices will identify when these times of limited access may occur.  See CPM schedule for a general idea of when the front entry decks will be repaired.

The products being used will produce a strong odor while in their liquid state.  We will do what we can to minimize this by adding of fans and/or masking off deck doors.  It will help to close all windows during these days of coating application as well.  If you have an existing respiratory ailment such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema or asthma, you should consider options to minimize your exposure to any fumes while the coatings are being applied in their liquid state.


What can I do if I have additional questions or concerns?  Answer:  If you have questions or concerns you can contact PBE's office Monday thru Friday, 8AM-5PM; email or phone one of our construction team members, or complete the service request form located on the project webpage.