Huckleberry Circle Condos

Over the course of a decade this poorly designed and installed cladding system really took a beating.  As a result, windows leaked and infiltrating water caused substantial damage to framing members and other building components.  The solution in part called for the installation of a new rain-screen system.

How Rain-Screen Systems Work

A rain-screen system keeps the cladding separate from the building through the use of furring strips or a specialized rain-screen product. These types of systems rely on a space between the cladding and the exterior wall to prevent water from penetrating the structural wall assembly.

A ventilated rain-screen system features a continuous air space, open at top and bottom, to encourage airflow and convective drying when water gets between the cladding and the exterior wall of the building—whether due to wind-driven rain, bulk water shedding, or capillary action through porous cladding. This cavity must be protected with overhangs and screens so that bulk water and insects cannot get in. To further ensure that moisture will not penetrate the building envelope, a properly designed rain-screen system also needs a continuous moisture barrier over the sheathing to create a drainage plane on the outer face of the exterior wall. Many ventilated systems also include water-resistant rigid insulation on the exterior wall to improve energy performance and reduce the likelihood of condensation within the wall assembly.


Scope of renovations at Huckleberry Circle

(60 townhouse style condos):

  •     Framing Repairs
  •     New Rain-Screen Weather Resistive Barrier (WRB)
  •     Milgard Vinyl Window Installations
  •     Sheet Metal Flashings
  •     Pacific Polymer Traffic Coatings
  •     Fast-Flash Liquid Applied Flashing Membranes
  •     Polyglass “Torch-Down” Roofing Membranes
  •     CertainTeed Asphalt Shingle Roofing Repairs
  •     James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding
  •     Tight Knot Cedar & Azek Composite Trim Detailing
  •     Fabrication of Steel Guardrails
  •     New Powder-Coated Aluminum Guardrails
  •     Exterior Painting


“On behalf of the Huckleberry Circle board of directors I wanted to thank you for the great job that PBE did for us with our remediation project. We are just a couple of days from completion and the project is coming in at budget and in the projected time......During the entire year that we were working together you have always kept in mind the impact of the project on the daily lives of the homeowners. Your supervisory staff and workers were always courteous and accommodating when project tasks needed to be coordinated with homeowner activities.I highly recommend you and your company to any association that would require exterior renovations or repairs.”
— Doug Carpenter, President Huckleberry HOA