Bayshore West Condos

PBE was hired to complete this strip and re-clad project on the waterfront near Alki Beach in Seattle.  The decision to tent the scaffolding was made early on largely because of the need to keep waterproof coatings dry and above 40-degrees during the late fall-early winter application.  The amount of framing repairs required also played a role in the decision to tent the building. Since the property was subject to the harsh wind and rain from the Pudget Sound a rain-screen siding system was installed to create an air barrier between the fiber cement siding and underlying weather resistive barrier (WRB) paper.

New brushed nickel lighting sconces, powder-coated aluminum gardrails with glass inserts, panelized siding at chimney chases and the lighter color palette gave this building a contemporary look the homeowners group was looking for.

What they have to say...

"PBE performed a seamless management style.  Once the project began, the on-site team was respectful of the residents, interviewing each homeowner to ensure an understanding of any particular need during the remodel.  The residents were kept informed of the progress with online schedule and posting of information and also the onsite visibility of the plans and status.

PBE was timely in their progress, adhered to schedule and worked any issues or items identified by the RAC or Board of Directors in a timely manner.  PBE was always available to answer questions and worked well with property management.

PBE offered recommentations to the homeowners throughout the project and stayed within budget."

~David B, Board of Directors President


Scope of Work  

  • Stuctural & Rot Repairs
  • Westcoast Liquid Applied Waterproof Coatings
  • Asphalt Composition & Touch Down Roofing
  • Rain-Screen System Lap & Panelized Siding
  • Integral Sheet Metal Flashings & Copings
  • Vinyl Windows & Patio doors
  • Aluminum Guardrails w/ Glass Panel Inserts

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